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Hello, I am Lokesh Nagar and I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and write blogs on my site LokeshNagar.com 

As a Digital Marketer I help to those people's business who want to grow their brand and get Lead through paid marketing and Organically.

Business online means in digital platforms like Google Search Engine, Social Media sites like Facebook, Insta, Medium, Tumbler, Quora, twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and etc.

In these platform we can get a lot of customers it depends on us. That howmuch we can get these customers and how?

So I highly recommendly that grow your business online and get more customers whatever you want there are unlimited audience whose are waiting for take your services or products.

Firstly we bulid a website or Landing Page for our customers that identify their business is online. We add business services or products and their details. These websites or Landing Pages are high clickable and more conversionable . 

Secondly we run ads on social media like Facebook campaign and aware brand to our narrow target audience and show them to our ads. It cost so cheap compare to traditional marketing like news papers, radio, leaflets, Hordings, banners and others.

In Online Marketing we can advertise globally it depends on your products or services. We get narrow target audience through your service or products relevent keywords, behaviours, profile, demographics like age, gender, location, and also through married or single. so we can get right customers.

In third step we get leads through campaign. and we get more conversion. 

Our 3 Step Process for Building Business

1. Website / Landing Page

We design a Landing page or website for your brand like us. We make it better according to your business type like Real Estate, Franchise Store, Coaching, School, Company, etc.

One of the main reasons you should have a website for your business is to increase your organization's credibility. Without a website, people may question your legitimacy as a business. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you're a real business

2. Run FB ads Campaign

After building a Landing page we run ads for your Business. We select target customers in the Facebook platform according to your business types. Because in the Facebook Account everybody filled their all details like Age, Gender, Location, Profession, Interest, Education, and through Keywords information.

So we target these customers for your business that's why we didn't waste your ads money. So your ads reach the right customers and don't waste them like other traditional marketing.

3. Generate LEAD

By Facebook Advertising, we get the right customers through their Gender, Age, Behaviours, Interests, Professions, Locations, Narrow targeting, and Keywords.

So we generate the lead when targeting customers see your ads then they are attracted and find service or product related to them and they filled inquiry form and we get top quality Leads.

Get Traffics on Site Paid & Organiclly

Google Ads Campaign

Pay Only for results by run Google Ads Campaign and reached to those customers who don't know about your services or products.

Reach to more customers by keywords and get more results or conversions. Google adwords help to advertise globally. Get new Keyword Ideas. Get benefits of rs. 20000 if you spend rs. 20000 on run google ads campaign during a limit time.

SEO Service 

Through Organic SEO we get regularly users in our website. It is one time investments and then update only.  

We do in SEO process like title, meta description, alt images, set primary keywords, and do more keyword research relvent to your context. It is a complete process of On Page SEO, Technical SEO and Off Page SEO. And also proper details like Name, Phone No, Address etc on Google My business Page

YouTube SEO

Youtube is the second largest platform after google. We search on youtube relvent to our topics and get result on video form. 

So If you want to grow your youtube channel organically then do Youtube SEO properly on each video. Youtube SEO means high clickable Title and thumbnail, Description, Higher volume and low competition keywords, and do competitor research through paid tools.


9x more customers see our ads by Facebook Ads Campaign

We can increase the business through Facebook ads marketing. It is paid service and we can target the right customers through customers behaviour, profile, demographic like gender, age, location and keywords.

It is out bound service where we show the our ads to target customers. And we get conversion leads. when we spend X amout on Facebook ads run campaign then we get approximatly 9X views on our ads. It is branding for us in low budgets. 


views on ads

Get target Leads by Google Ads Campaign

When we search query on google through the keywords then we find on top Ads by google according to user keywords. in SERP (Search Engine Result Page ) where you see ads paid or organic results.

In top position we show your ads through Google Ads Campaign. It cost pay per click it means when the users click these linke then we give cost. So it is very low budgets marketing.


Target Customers

Get Organic Traffics by SEO Techniques

It is a slow process for increase the traffics on your site. Because SEO takes time and it depends on your site's content, contex and relvency.

Search Engine Optimization services are like a purchase home where we see the dificulty in starting but after it is ours. So SEO services are same in starting it takes time but after it increase the traffics if you update regurly.


Increase Organic Traffics


Generate LEAD

by Run Facebook Ads 

Grow your business online like these types of post on share or run ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram where you can focus on branding, Because today' s time everyone use social media. 

And Facebook algorithm show your ads those people who are related to your service or products through keywords,behavours, profile, and demographics.

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We Offer our Services

Which service do you want

We provide design the unique Landing Page like you seeing this. Wheer you can tell your service or product and share on social media through a single click

YouTube SEO

Increase your channels view and subscriber Organically

You can increase views and subscribers on your youtube channel through organically Youtube SEO on each video. Where we fix the title, description, tags, thumbnails and most important keyword research on your youtube video contex by a unique tools. which show the accurate traffics on which keywords and target the high volume and low competitions keywords.

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Blogging means that you write on your blog or website using your knowledge and techniques in any stream or any niche which you like and are interested in. You can write meaningful and attractive content on your platform, which is useful for users and takes interest to read and share with other users.

Top7 ways to improve Posts with ON-Page SEO techniques

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On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s all web pages and ranking higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). It works directly on the site so It is also called On-Site SEO.

On-Page SEO has to do work on the content of the pages and the website’s structure. 

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